A great opportunity exists for Petworth to use it’s rich heritage and wonderful buildings to encourage visitors to enjoy the old town with a new experience. The hard part is respecting the old and yet still encouraging an attractive, modern interpretation. Getting this right will go a long way to giving Petworth a successful future.

These are some of the things we hope to achieve…

  • Establish a new attractive ‘gateway’ from the main car park to encourage visitors to explore the town
  • Consider potential new layout of spaces in the car park to create closer disabled and short-stay parking
  • Build new cycle racks between the car park and the Old Bakery to encourage cycling in the town.
  • Creating apprenticeship schemes for young people
  • Develop ideas for reclaiming for Market Square and Golden Square to address ‘the need to alter the ratio of pedestrians to car space’.
  • Make the town centre more ‘pedestrian friendly’ with the introduction of improved signage, noticeboards, speed reductions, rumble strips, bottlenecks and white lines
  • Reduce the number of HGVs passing through the centre of town by way of an ‘effective protocol’ between businesses and delivery companies.
  • A refurbishment of bollards and street furniture
  • Increased planting around the town of plant pots and hanging baskets